Sunday, March 31, 2013

Who is a Mutaqi? Who are the Mutaqeen?

The word "Mutaqeen" labels the people who are the true believers. The "God-Fearing" ones. The ones who guard themselves from all evils. The ones who are constant in their duty and are careful and watch their actions. Those who think before they act. They are the ones who keep their promises, who give their wealth for the sake of Allah and those who are patient in their times of misfortune.

There are many qualities that a Mutaqi has. Some are of the following:
- those who spend ion the cause of Allah (swt) suring their times of ease and hardship
- those who refrain from anger
- those who do good in the world and try to make a change for the benefit
- thoses who seek forgiveness immediately after they acknowledge they have dome something wrong
- those who fear Allah (swt) 's punishment
- those who believe in the ghayb
- those who abandon what is harmless out of the fear of falling into that which is harmful.

May Allah Ta'ala bless us and grant us with these qualityies and make us among those who are classified as the "Mutaqeen"
May He make us God-Fearing and help us develop Taqwa into our minds, hearts and souls.
I say this to myself before I advise others. May He all grant us Jannah. Ameen


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