Tuesday, April 30, 2013

NOTES - Surah Al Fatiha

Virtues and distinctiveness of Surah Al Fatiha
1.       Quran Begins with it
2.       Salah begins with it
3.       1st surah revealed in complete form
4.       Essence of Quran-the rest of Quran is elaboration of it

Various Names of this Surah
1.       Fatihatul Kitaab (opening of the Book)
2.       Umm al Quran (essence of Quran)
3.       Umm al kitab (essence of the book)
4.       Al Quran al Azeem (Glorious Quran)
5.       Al Hamd (the Praise)
6.       Surah Fatiha (The opening chapter)
7.       Al Kanz (The Treasure)
8.       Ashifa (the Healer)
9.       Noor (The Light)
10.   Dua (supplication)
11.   Munajaat (submission)
12.   Al kifaya (the sufficient)
Surah Fatiha defined for 2 reasons:
1.       Faith(imaan) and
2.        Virtuous deeds( al amal al salih)

Virtues of Bismillah:
1.       To eradicate the custom of Jahiliya (age of ignorance) the first verse was  “read in the name of your Rab”
2.       Famous commentator Al Suyuti says beside the Glorious Quran other divine books begin with bismillah; certain other scholars say Bismillahir Rehmanir Raheem is specific to Quran only therefore it can be said that the particular Bismillahir Rehmani Raheem is for the Holy Quran while other divine scripture begin in the name of God
3.       Nabi Al Mustafa Allah’s blessings be upon him used to recite BismikAllahumma but after this verse was revealed he adopted Bismillahir Rehmani Raheem
4.       Our Holy Quran again and again instructs to recite and begin with Bismillah , no work recives blessings of Allah unless it is begun in His name
5.       By beginning everything in Allah’s name, Islam has given to the whole of our life an orientation towards Allah, so we may renew our allegiance to Him
6.       Thus each word each act transform into worship
7.       How brief is the action which consumes neither time nor energy yet gain is immense
8.       A disbeliever eat and drinks just as Muslim does but in saying Bismillah as he begins to eat, the Muslim affirms that it was not in his power to obtain this morsel of food which has passed through innumerable stages from sowing of the seed to the reaping of the grain corn , and which has during this process required the labors of the wind, the rain, the sun, of the heavens and of the earth and of a thousand men and that is Allah alone who has granted 

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