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Day 7 Ayah 7

Day 7 Ayah 7

7. Allah has set a seal on their hearts and on their hearing, and on their eyes there is a covering; and for them there lies a mighty punishment. 

  • Ayah 6 and 7 speaks about the disbelievers who became so stubborn in their denial and disbelief that they were not prepared to hear the truth or to even consider a clear argument.

    • their punishment is that their hearts are sealed and their eyes and ears are stopped against the truth
    • "La Yu'minoon": They shall not believe - is specific to the disbelievers who refused to listen to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (salAllahu alaihi wasallam) and were going to die as disbelievers (as Allah knew). It is not a general prediction for disbelievers, as  there were many who later accepted Islam.

    Kufr? What is it?

    • Kufr (disbelief) lexically means to hide or conceal
    • in Shariah kufr means the denial of any of those things in which it is obligatory to believe
    • The essence of Iman is to confirm with one's heart and believe with certainty everything that Holy Prophet Muhammad (salAllahu alaihi wasallam) has brought down to us from Allah and which has been established by definite and conclusive proof.
    • a person who disregards even a single teaching of this kind will be described as a kafir (disbeliever)
           Indhaar? What is it?
  • Indhaar = to warn
  • it means to bring news that should cause alarm or concern
  • the word indhaar doesn't mean the ordinary kind of warning that is meant to frighten people
  • it is rather a warning that is motivated by compassion and concern and love, just as we warn a child against fire, or a snake, or a beast
  • the word Nadhir (warner) is reserved solely for the Prophets (as) and is not used for thiefs or other people who threaten or cause fear
  • Nadhir is a warner (i.e. prophets) who warns against the punishment in the Hereafter, out of compassion and care


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